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Title: Uchiha Slut Satsuki Uchiha (External and External ) was defeated by Deidara and turned into his sex slave with a very high quality aphrodisiac. Satsuki is riding Deidara reverse cowgirl style while having a very flushed ahegao face and her pussy sopping wet, while deidara is siting up with his hands on her breasts so his mouths can tease her nipples, whispering into her ear about how she is really an Uchiha slut who loves being fucked by his cock, to which the female Uchiha is responding with slutty moans of pleasure and telling Deidara to keep fucking her. The reason why Satsuki submitted to Deidara so easily is because she is very sexually repressed and the Aphrodisiac caused all the bottled up sexual frustration to come out full force. Also there is a naked Naruko in the background on her knees masturbating to the scene with one hand, while the other is foundling her breasts moaning in pleasure about how hot this is, she is also wearing an ahegao face and has sopping pussy. The reason why Naruko is masturbating instead of helping Satsuki is because Deidara got her with a smoke bomb that contained the same aphrodisiac that he used on Satsuki and Naruko has been suffering from three years of sexual frustration due to not being able to masturbate because of her training trip with Jiraiya along with all that's been happening when she returned to the village.
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Ichigo Momomiya (Zoey Hanson) External After the Mew Mew Café has turned it a bottomless coffee bar. Both the coffee and waitresses are bottomless like External And Zoey's top is much skimpier and tighter and braless The customers can be vague silhouettes or soft focus
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    Title: Feral Fuck Characters: Naruto Uzumaki (Four Tailed State) & Tayuya (Curse Seal Level 2) Naruto is in his Four Tailed State, fucking a fully naked Tayuya, in her Curse Seal Level 2 Form, from behind in a Standing Doggystyle. Naruto is grabbing Tayuya’s horns from behind with his hands, while he has two of his tails wrapped around her breasts. Tayuya is sporting a flushed drooling slutty ahegao face. Also, her eyes are void of any logic or reasoning, instead their filled with nothing but lust, pleasure and ecstasy. Finally, there is a panel showing Naruto’s dick pounding into Tayuya’s sopping wet pussy from behind. Location: Forest, with Tayuya’s hands on the trunk of a tree.
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      Aqua from konosuba is sucking on kazumas cock (which is thick). It's also in her hands . Her boobs are popping out of her shirt and her skirt is flipped up exposing her pussy. Position Ian up to artist. Small side panel of the cum shooting into her mouth.
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        Nami is wearing this top and has long hair like this. Image 1st panel her boobs are popping out of the top, no bottoms . With her legs spread open. Clit and lining of vagina can be clearly seen and is so wet it is dripping on the floor . She has her boobs in her hands . 2nd panel, completely nude getting fucked by luffy. Position is up to artist . Just want to see a lot of boob. And possibly the stretching of her pussy. Also an x ray panel for the sex of luffy cumming inside her pussy.
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          Characters: Naruto Uzumaki & Lucy Heartfilia. Location Lucy’s Apartment: External & External Both Naruto and Lucy are kneeling on her bed, with Naruto groping Lucy’s breasts and fucking her drenched sopping wet pussy from behind. Lucy has her head turned towards Naruto’s, tongue kissing him, and has her left hand behind his head, bringing it closer to hers, while she is playing with her clit, with her right hand, the pink Fairy Tail stamp on it is fully visible. Naruto and Lucy are fully naked with Lucy is sporting a flushed pleasure-filled expression as she’s kissing Naruto and looks like how she did prior to the one year time-skip along with having her hair tied in its classic small side-ponytail, while Naruto looks like how he does in Shippuden.
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          Characters: Naruko Uzumaki & Erza Scarlet. Erza is in her seduction armor, minus the panties and apron. Naruko is dressed in this: Image , minus the shorts & bra, with the tail as a butt plug. Naruko & Erza are scissoring their sopping wet cunts on a double-ended dildo, like this: Image , with Naruko on top, while both she & Erza are sporting the same expression as the girls in the source material, only their eyes are open in a half-lidded expression and are filled with nothing but lust & pleasure.
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